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As a women’s-only organization, we believe in empowering our members and giving them the training, environment, and opportunities to practice real-world leadership in a safe setting surrounded by sisters and under the mentorship of caring, alumna advisors. We embrace the qualities of femininity and harbor a setting that allows our members to connect, collaborate, empathize and communicate to work towards building something greater than themselves.

Beta Beta has 10 Executive Board positions and over 25 other leadership positions available! The officer structure mirrors the organization structure of a typical business, with roles that provide valuable experience for the future. Officers participate in an intensive leadership training program at Alpha Phi's annual leadership conference, bi-annual Convention, and Alpha Phi Academy, which also provide the opportunity to network with officers of other chapters as well as talented alumnae who share their insights based on professional and volunteer experience. These opportunities become the foundation for the establishment of a professional network of outstanding women who will provide a lifelong support system through graduation and beyond. The experience of being a leader in Alpha Phi allows our members to gain the confidence, support system, and skill set that goes far beyond graduation. 

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